Clock Solitaire

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Clock Patience, also called Clock Solitaire, is a luck-based patience or solitaire card game with the cards laid out to represent the face of a clock. It is also known under alternative names such as Dial, Travelers, Hidden Cards, and Four of a Kind


⇒ Clock Solitaire is one of the simplest types of Solitaire there is.

♦ The cards are divided among 13 piles, which are then arranged as if they were the numbers of the clock, with the thirteenth pile, the King pile, in the middle.

♥ The objective is to place a card into its corresponding clock number position, e.g. the card 3 goes into the 3 o'clock pile, Ace into the 1 o'clock pile, Jack into the 11 o'clock pile, Queen into 12, and King into the center pile.

♣ When all of the cards are face up and in their correct clock number pile then you've won the game, but if all four Kings are facing up before all of the other cards are in their correct pile you've lost.

♠ Still, don't feel bad if you don't win, the odds of winning Clock Solitaire are 1/13, or 7.6%, making it even harder to win thanScorpion Solitaire, which used to be our hardest game!

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