King Of The Corners

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Kings in the Corner (also called King's Corner, Kings Corners or Spider.) is a multi-player solitaire-style card game using one deck of standard playing cards with between two and four players participating. The game was thought up by the Grey Family aboard the SS Suevic in the 1910s


  • Every time you click the stock one card is dealt to the waste pile. The waste pile can hold only one card so you should move it to the tableau. There are some restrictions in arranging cards (see Figure): Kings can be moved only to the corners, Jacks only to the top and bottom non-corner cells, Queens to the left and right non-corner cells. Other cards can be moved anywhere. A cell can hold only one card.
  • After the tableau is filled, remove Tens and pairs of cards, which total value is equal to 10 (9 and Ace, 8 and 2, 7 and 3, 6 and 4, 5 and 5). To remove a pair, click both cards.
  • After you have removed all the cards possible go on with dealing the stock.

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